DIY Weekend Projects 2017-05-25T23:07:50+00:00

There are SO MANY things you can do to spruce up your home and landscape and many of them will fit right into your budget. Have you dreamed of sitting around your fire pit in your backyard? Considered a new seating wall for your patio? How about a lighted column to brighten up your front porch? Even a small raised herb garden bed can spice up your life! These projects and many more can be done in a day or weekend.


At the Brickyard we will package up a DIY project for you with all the parts you need to be finished in no time!

Lighted Column or Mailbox

Small Garden Wall or Raised Garden Bed

Circular Fire Ring w/or w/out grill

Square Fire Pit

Seating Wall

Block Table

Small Bar Area



Built in Block BBQ Grill

Fire Ring with seat wall and columns

Stone Veneer on an interior or exterior wall

Patio with stone bench