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All of the Fireplace Supply You Need 

If you’re in need of fireplace materials, tools, and accessories, The Brickyard carries a variety of fireplace supplies. From fireplace grates and fireplace tool sets to building materials such as bricks and face rock. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in our store, let us know and we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Indoor Fireplaces

Getting ready to start your indoor fireplace project? The Brickyard has the materials you need to build a variety of fireplaces.

Nothing compares to the natural warmth provided by a fireplace. When you build a fireplace, you are not only building something that can help save on your electric costs, but you’re also adding character and value to your home.

When you decide to build a fireplace into your home, it is important to consider the size of the room and the convenience and safety of the location. Brickyard can help you achieve this! With our premiere quality masonry supply and services, we can help you add the natural beauty you’re looking for in an indoor space. We can’t wait for the opportunity to spend time together and build the perfect indoor fireplace.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Setting up a warm place to cozy around the fire isn’t just for the indoors. Outdoor fireplaces are growing in popularity and landscape design. Turn your backyard into an outdoor living space. The Brickyard can work with you to find and design the perfect outdoor fireplace. 

Outdoor fireplaces are used in a variety of ways. Many designs include implementing an oven and outdoor stove. Perfect for hosting outdoor parties, BBQs, and family events. An outdoor fireplace is the ideal setting for entertaining, relaxing, or cooking in the great outdoors.

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The Brickyard proudly carries materials from Superior Clay Products & Rumford Fireplaces.