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  • Brickyard Concrete Pavers

    We manufacture our own pavers, block and retaining wall at our block plant on 9th and D Road in Grand Junction.  We make everything in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any homeowners needs.

    Edging: Colors – Red, Grey, and Tan

    -Scallops – The classic look of scallops is great for edging and tree rings. The straight lines help layout your yard in a clean, distinct fashion.
    -Rockwood Classic Edge
    Classic Edge ® provides refined, practical beauty for any yard. The unique T-Lock base secures Classic Edge ® into position making it easy to install. Perfect for walkways, shrubs, and trees; separate your garden from the lawn! Classic Edge ® gives you the flexibility to create striking yet simple landscape designs that add value to a home.

    Paving Materials in Grand Junction


    Pavestone Concrete Pavers

    This past year, we have expanded our line of manufactured pavers to include Pavestone Concrete Interlocking Pavers. We carry a great selection of colors and styles to brighten up your yard. Check out their website for a complete description of their line, or visit us at the Brickyard where we can help you estimate your needs and make your patio dreams a reality.



    Clay Fired Brick Pavers

    If you are looking for the classic look of real brick pavers, this is the product for you. Available in several colors, we carry both the true, full-size paver, as well as the split paver.



    Polymeric Sand

    This innovative new product is something you HAVE to check out…



    Paver Edging

    Whether you’re creating a driveway, walkway or patio, the most important part of your project is ensuring that the pavers are installed properly. An edge restraint around the perimeter of the pavers is essential for eliminating horizontal creeping of the pavers and loss of bedding sand.

    Recognizing the need to support and reinforce paving stone installations, professional landscapers & homeowners alike can make high-quality paver edging an integral part of each project.

    When paver edging is installed, the bricks are in effect locked in place. Paver edging will support and maintain your installation for years to come. We stock Brickstop aluminum & plastic paver edging and can help you decide what style you need for your project.




    Concrete Pavers in Grand Junction, CO

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